LFT: McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger

Just a quick rundown (yup, a back-to-back LFT) on arguably the most talked about fast food in Malaysia right now. I’m not going into a lengthy introduction since it has already been promoted like hell everywhere, so I’ll just jump right into the star of the show. The fast food rendition of one of our beloved national food was priced at RM14.95 (ala carte) or RM16.95 (for a set meal) and comes with fluffy (and seasoned?) buns, cucumber slices, crispy coconut induced chicken thigh (hehehe… sorry, I just can’t resist), a sunny side up egg and the all important sambal. And I concur with other foodie bloggers comments on the sambal being more on the sweeter side rather than salty and spicy. This was actually a plus in my book since I can’t take overly spicy food anyway. Portioning was pretty big as well and very satisfying. So, will I be dropping by again for a second bite? Definitely (if my wallet permits it of course)! Oh and for those that do not know, Tawau's McD is visible from the Apas main road, leading up to Taman Megah Jaya at Mile 4.

(Updated on 17/05/2018 - Just to include the proper version of the nasi lemak called Nasi McD that had recently follow suit)

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