Restoran Senario 2

It was somewhat ironic that I’ll be doing this review of their recently opened branch first rather than their predecessor. I’m actually very familiar with their original stall called Warung Senario (a humble looking warung located within the Hill Top old commercial area) but the last time I’ve visited that particular place was probably during my early teen years (which was not that long ago mind you – wink wink). So when I noticed that this eatery bears the same name as the latter, it piques my interest to stop by their place within the Fajar Complex area (the exact shop formerly occupied by the Hot Platter Restaurant, right in front of 1Homeware).

I was pleased to discover that despite their bare outlook (in more ways than one), their variety of food was still top notch, with pre-cooked dishes being fully displayed in their cases as well as yummy looking fried snacks (such as fried samosa, spring rolls and bananas) readily available. They also had cook-to-order local staples available should you want something hot to eat. Either that or you can always try out their multi flavoured steamed ‘pau’ (white bun). I got attracted to their lauk pauk and had their Nasi Campur while my partner opted for their Gado-Gado (he’s a fan of said dish). Both dishes were commendable and evenly flavoured. It was just a shame that the place still lacks customers though. I personally think some of the contributing factors might be that they’re still new within said area and is only open during the day.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of May 2018) 

(Updated on 18/09/2018 - During my sister's recent visit, she told me that the restaurant now operates during the evenings only, as they're now focusing their business solely on selling their Bakso dishes and 'Pentolan Beranak-anak' - as seen below. No joke... I've seen people lining up daily just to get some of those weird looking dish) 

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