Jalan Utara Baru Food Stalls

As I was making my daily commute to and fro my home and workplace, I did notice this unnamed food centre as I was passing by Jalan Utara Baru. Even though they’re located at the bottom of a small hill, their very bright lights and not to mention the huge LCD projector obviously caught my attention but it did took me sometime to finally dropped by (no particular reason though – just plain old laziness I guess). The place was originally a car wash but has now been converted into an area that sells fresh produce (on the left) and the aforementioned on its right side. 

Among the food stalls that are currently available (at the time of my post) includes the main food stall called Na& Man CafĂ© (which also provided the venue’s drinks) as well as stalls that sell bakso, fried fritters (particularly the banana variety), burgers, grilled fish, laksa and the ever popular yong tau foo. Since me and my partner were pretty famished by the time we reached said place, we ordered Nasi Goreng Daging and Nasi Goreng Lalap straight from their main stall. Unfortunately, both dishes somehow OD in saltiness so we were practically drowning in water soon after that, due to our ‘heavy drinking’ (never thought that I would say that while drinking plain old ice water). The wait for our food (or every other customer’s food for that matter) were also longer than usual so if you decided to stop by, then may I suggest going for the other smaller stalls instead because the snail pacing of its cook will definitely test your patience.      

** Current status – Has been closed (as of Sept 2018) 

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