Mahligai Cafe

It was easy for anyone to pass by this cafe and didn’t even know that they’d existed (as I initially did). For one, the owners had divided their shop lot into 2 sections; one being the former while the other a women’s fashion boutique. And with other bigger eateries within their proximity (they’re in the Fajar Complex, on the row of shops right next to MB Hotel) and not-so-clear signage, it was literally dwarf by them all. It was my dad who’d recommended the place since it was supposedly his go-to eatery whenever he’d finished his businesses nearby.  

It was the day after a public holiday that my dad brought us there and sure enough, their menu was on the ‘limited side’ for the day. Hence, all three of us ended up ordering almost identical dishes (which were the Mee Goreng Ayam & Mee Goreng Mamak) since only noodles were available during said time. The fried noodles were greasy but acceptable in terms of taste. The Mee Goreng Mamak that I had was spicier than normal so do be warned non-spicy food lovers. Despite the not-so-stellar first visit, me and my partner decided to drop by a few days later and tried their Mee Hoon Goreng Ayam as well as their Nasi Goreng Payau and unfortunately both were mediocre at best.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of July 2018) 

*Just to clarify, this is the Mee Goreng Mamak...

... and this is the Mee Goreng Ayam

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