Sage Cafe + Kitchen

After swearing off its sisterly cafe for their ‘from-good-to-bad’ service, I was very wary in stepping into this place. But since I can’t seem to resist eye-catching, modern looking cafes, I finally decided to give them the benefit of a doubt. Occupying 2 shop lots within the Kubota Sentral commercial area (they’re right next to #Ekae Leisure Dining); the obviously spacious place gave out this relaxed vibe that I like. Well, at least we’re off to a good start right?

The service this time around was good, what with the greetings and swift approached by the waitresses. Well, maybe a tad too swift since the waitress that attended us tried to rushed our orders up (by cutting our orders a few times with ‘that’s all?’ when we intended to order some more). But I was impressed with the reasonable time that our orders arrived at our table. There were 4 of us there so we’d ordered their Teppan Chicken Rice (my mom said that it was sweet and the chicken were tender), Nasi Lemak Chicken Curry (my dad thought that it was a bit spicy but still to his liking), Nasi Lemak Ayam Percik (my partner can’t seem to get enough of the evenly marinated chicken although he did say that it would be better if they can loosen up the bamboo stick that they’d used as a skewer of sorts) and lastly their Crumbed Chicken Chop (felt a bit dry and greasy but it has a crunchy texture). I also had their Chocolate Ice Cream Waffle and although it might be unremarkable, it is still a pretty good dessert nevertheless.      

** Current status – Still in operation (as of July 2018) 

(Updated on 10/07/2018 - Looks like I spoke too soon. Barely a week after the above, we'd came back & suffice to say that we've encountered a problem with their service (yet again). Needless to say, something needs to be improve here since their food was very good, as evident in the food that we had this time around which were the Dory Fish & Chips, Smoked Chicken Aglio Olio Spaghetti, Chocolate Indulgence Cake & Beauty Blast Tea Pot)

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