Taiwanese Castella Tawau

My fondness for cakes and pastries (particularly the chocolate variety) has brought me to this place quite a few times. I first noticed this specialty shop when I was walking around the Gaya Street in KK (where they had a branch there) and was just ecstatic when I found out that they’re also opening one here in Tawau. By the way, they’re located at Kuhara commercial centre at Jalan Budi, right in front of Restoran Balikpapan Seafood.

Selling only castella cakes, this Japanese originated sponge cake is definitely irresistible. So far we have tried the original and chocolate flavours and both were just airy and moist. My personal favourite was obviously the latter, since it has this yummy filling that compliments the chocolate chip filled cake really well. I kid you not when I say that I could finished an entire piece of cake (which was huge for a single person mind you) in one day. Other than the above, they also have the cheese and the limited edition chicken floss flavours. Do look out for any promos and discounts on their official FB page and it’s also good to note that they usually will run out of the cheese, chocolate and chicken floss flavours by noon so grab them as fast as you can. Their regular pricing are as follows –  RM16 for the original, RM21 for the cheese and RM23 for chocolate. Not too sure about their chicken floss though.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of July 2018) 

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