Kopi Shake Food Garage

Nope, this entry doesn’t have anything to do with my previous post, as it was just a coincidence that they shared the ‘garage’ name (and I have no idea why they put ‘garage’ either since both places doesn’t resembles anything ‘garage-y’). Hidden from immediate view, they’re actually located within the Fajar Complex, in the same row as a florist shop called Strawberry Florist so you do need to walk a bit further inward to find them.

Started out as an ice coffee brand that sold a variety of beverages (particularly when multi-flavoured ice coffees were still trending a few years back), the owner has managed to expand their business into the food industry (similar to that of the Signature by The Licious Beverage's cafe) and has now open a café that offers an array of local dishes. We’d tried out their Nasi Goreng Kampung, Nasi Goreng Ayam Penyet and Chicken Tomyam soup and all seems to be fairly decent in terms of taste. There’s also this burger stall beside said café that sell curry burger (yup, you’ve read it right) and we’d tasted their namesake Chicken Curry Burger (yummy but you do need to inform the seller of your spice tolerance as he will put in extra sambal by default) and their ordinary Beef Burger (to which my partner said that it was okay tasting despite being slightly undercooked). 

** Current status – Still in operation (as of July 2018) 

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