LFT: Mooncakes

To be honest, this is not exactly a Local Food Trend (LFT) but it’s the Mid Autumn Festival season again and since I’m a huge fan of said pastry, I thought... why not right? The festival this year falls on the 24th September so I’ve scoured for those babies all over town but unfortunately the availability of the so-called cake seems to have dwindled down this year. I’ve spotted some of them in hypermarkets such as Giant (where I eventually bought mine) and Servay Parkwell; as well as smaller, Chinese owned supermarkets like Insmark and Tai Yang. I’ve bought 2 mooncakes for myself (man... those pastries had become pricier year after year you know) namely the Single Yolk Green Bean and Special Chocolate. Both were very tasty, thick and not intensely sweet but I do prefer the latter since it has this gooey chocolate filling on its center (similar to that of the lava cake). Both were produce by this Lahad Datu based bakery called Kee Fui Bakery and I do recommend their mooncakes for you guys to try. About a week after that, I was given another mooncake by my next door neighbour and this one was from Chung Fatt Bakery (so kind of you Auntie!). Although she’d coincidentally given me my favourite flavour which was the Chocolate Lotus Paste, I must say that it can’t compare to the ones from Kee Fui Bakery. The filling was a bit bland and very average tasting. But hey, who doesn’t like free stuff right? Hehehe..     

* The nicely decorated mooncake booth from Giant Hypermarket

*This is the Special Chocolate mooncake...

... and this one is the Single Yolk Green Bean mooncake

*Also, this is the Chocolate Lotus Paste mooncake that my kind neighbour had given me

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