Six Stars Steamboat Restaurant

I’ve actually been to this restaurant a number of times now but have only managed to snap some pictures recently because I kept forgetting to do so during our previous visits (for some reason, my mind can’t seem to register the fact that a steamboat eatery is also an eatery. I know… silly me!). By the way, they’re located at Batu 3, Jalan Sin Onn (right in front of SJKC Hing Hwa).  

Totted as the so-called ‘top’ steamboat establishment in Tawau (because there were so few and far between), I give them that credit when it comes to their variety of food. Their selection of meat (plain or marinated), fish and vegetables were very commendable, as do their pre-cooked dishes. So far they provide the usual chicken broth or tom yam as your soup based, as well as some desserts. But as do other steamboat places, I do appreciate it if they do not eye me like I’m about to steal something everytime I got up to their buffet tables (by the ‘captains’ of the restaurant). I do understand that they do not want people to waste their food but I also would prefer to eat in peace. Also, it’s good to note that they have made-to-order dishes as well should you’re not in the mood to cook for yourself (and sweating profusely as you’re doing so).

** Current status – Still in operation (as of Sept 2018) 

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