Medan Food Truck Tawau

Yes, the food truck crazed has finally reached the shores of Tawau (literally speaking of course). While several of them had actually been around for awhile now, it was only recently that they were given a proper place to park and serve the hungry people of Tawau. They’re located at the far end of the Traulsen Highway, on the parking lot in front of BTC Bistro Restaurant (they’re opened from 5pm onwards).

So among the trucks that were available during our visit (because I suspected that some might be ‘closed’) were trucks that sells bakso, coto Makassar, tomyam, yong tau foo, fast food, made-to-order fried dishes as well as lots and lots of beverages (particularly the ice blended drinks). Me and my partner eventually ordered some Grilled Beef Burger and Chicken Burrito from Mamaritos Fud Truk (yup, the very same one from ASquare KK) which were both juicy and tender. For drinks, we just ordered from the truck right next to them (because we were just plain old lazy to go any further than that) some Abc Milo and Cendol. The drink’s ingredients might be on the limited side but I really like their ‘just nice’ flavours. And before leaving, we’d also stopped by another truck called Jumic Corner to tapau their Chicken Tomyam. It was a little bit too spicy for my liking but I dig the somewhat sweet and sour taste. Oh and I just realize as I was writing this that I totally forgot to take pictures of the latter (dang it!).

** Current status – Still in operation (as of Sept 2018)

*** Sidenote: I do apologize for the barely visible pictures below as the place was darkly lit. And yes, I also blame my ‘kuno’ phone for that ;-D  Also a big thank you to a friend of mine who'd let me use her much clearer pictures below

*This is the Mamaritos Fud Truck where we bought our food...

*... and the truck where we got our drinks from

*This is my partner's Grilled Beef Burger (I swear it look more appetizing in reality)

*My Chicken Burritos (damn this old school phone of mine!)

*And just to clarify, my partner's ABC Milo is on the left while my Cendol is on the right

*Oh and this one is the Jumic Corner where I 'take away' my Chicken Tomyam

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