Warung D'Klate

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Nasi Kerabu so when we went passed the Ba Zhong commercial area and saw this establishment (they’re on the same row as Bank Rakyat) I wasted no time in dragging my partner to their place one afternoon. Sadly, it turns out to be a poor choice of timing for us since the eatery was literary packed with patrons for lunch. Even though the eatery provided pots (yup, actual big silver pots that we usually see during ‘kenduris’ and such) of delicious looking ‘lauk pauk’ to go with either white rice or the Nasi Kerabu blue rice, it was almost cleared out by the time we were there (which was only approaching noon mind you). But since we’re already there, we might as well take whatever that was available and tried out their Nasi Campur and Nasi Kerabu. Both of us agreed that the lauk were yummy; a reminiscent of traditional kampong cooking no doubt. I also spotted the Kuih Akok (a traditional Kelantanese pastry outsourced to Cakes & Co) near to the cashier counter and decided to take a packet home with me since I was always curious about their taste. It was sweeter than I’ve imagined but I do admit that it was very addictive as well. The taste is similar to that of a caramel cake so it definitely my type of snack.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of April 2019) 

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