Nasi Kandar Anak Mami (KK FoodieVenture #84)

So let us restart our foodie adventure in Kota Kinabalu (yet again) in chronological order, shall we? Since we’d checked in quite late to our hotel (around 10-ish due to a flight delay) I was already in a sour mood as me and my partner stopped by this restaurant (which was located just behind our hotel). And my mood most definitely did not improve when I saw just how untidy their floors were. But since they were literally the only restaurant nearest to the hotel that was still open during said time, I just have to toughen myself up as I was famished.

My night however turned from bad to worse the moment we’d sat down. Service was really bad especially their cook who’d mixed several orders and had prompted a couple of customers to walk out and leave. Mine did not fair any better as it was still non-existent after 30 minutes of waiting. My partner inquired about my order and they insisted that they were following ‘turns’ – which was crap since a few customers that came after us has gotten theirs first. Granted, my initial choice for their namesake dish was unavailable (their food trays were practically empty by that time) so I got no choice but to ordered their Fried Mee Hoon instead. So when the dish eventually made its way onto my table, I was so not in the mood that I’d barely finished it. Now to be fair, the dish was fairly good in terms of taste albeit a bit undercooked. My partner has had his Roti Canai and a (cold) Ayam Berempah beforehand and he also thought that the food were just so-so tasting.


Food – 3/5 (sadly got overshadowed by ‘other stuff’)
Price – 3/5 (mid-range and up)
Service – 1/5 (Grrr… I don't know... Maybe we came at the wrong time?)
D├ęcor – 3/5 (ever heard of ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’?)
Location – 4/5 (they’re within the KK Times Square commercial area, on the same row as Manja Hotel)

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