Marrybrown KKIA (KK FoodieVenture #90)

To sum up my final KK foodie quest this time around, I’ll be featuring an eatery that is located within the Kota Kinabalu International Airport itself, or more specifically their departure hall/ floor. This fast food joint has previously opened several branches around the KK area but has since closed them all down (maybe bowing down to the stiff competition within the area?) except for their Penampang branch. So I was glad to spot them as me and my partner was making our way to our departure gate. And thank God that we had an hour or so to spare so we wasted no time in stopping by.

Occupying only a small space within the area, the tiny branch had to outsource their food from the Penampang branch (I presume) since there was no kitchen onsite (or even a pantry for that matter). So it will be quite a problem for the solo staff managing the eatery should their supply of food ran out mid day, as we’d discovered while making our order. After making several non-existent choices, we eventually settled down with their Chicken Burger (which looked and tasted exactly like the KFC’s Colonel Burger) and their Hotouch Burger (a rendition of KFC’s more popular Zinger Burger, but with less spice and average taste). But Marrybrown lovers need not to be dismayed as their stock of food will be replenished during the evening (or so the friendly guy in charge of the tiny fast food kingdom said).  

** By the way, this is the Chicken Burger...

**... and this is the Hotouch Burger

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