CFC City Food Corner Imago (KK FoodieVenture #88)

Since the hotel that we'd stayed at recently did not provide any breakfast (which me and my partner did not expect anyway since its sort of like a boutique hotel) we had no choice but to go to the lower ground floor of Imago Shopping Mall to fill our tummies up (specifically at the far end of the ‘food mecca’, right next to Lucy's Kitchen). One of the limited breakfast options available within the mall is this local franchise eatery. And even though it might rhyme with KFC, the joint fortunately is more of a full fledged restaurant rather than a fast food outlet.

Initially, we had actually forgotten that they’d existed because they were somewhat overshadowed by other fancier sounding names that surrounds them. The restaurant is widely known for their vast choices of food but the taste of said food might not be up to par with their quantity. And like the other branches that we’ve visited before, the typical Malaysian breakfast staples were ever present within their menu (via pre-cooked or to-order dishes) which includes the fried mee hoon, fried rice, fried eggs and sausages, as well as several other side dishes that we've had. Even though the tastes might be unremarkable and average, at least it was able to keep us from going hungry until lunchtime. There was also a selection of pastries available should you prefer a lighter breakfast.

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