Chicken Rice Shop Imago (KK FoodieVenture #85)

I’ve just realized (after going through my blog recently) that I have yet to include the Imago Shopping Mall chapter of the Chicken Rice Shop here – which pretty much shows just how absent minded I can be sometimes. I have eaten at this particular branch several times now (located on the lower ground floor of the popular mall) and had managed to exclude them from my blog…until now of course.

Nothing much to comment about their food since we’d ordered practically the same dishes that we had before, regardless of which branch that we’ve gone to (click here and here for my previous entries of CRS). Both me and my partner were creatures of habit so we’d asked for our ‘usuals’ – which consist of their Crispy Roast Chicken Rice and Prime Honey BBQ Chicken Rice with some Nyonya Pai Tee. And yes, service seems to be an ongoing issue with the franchise no matter where we went, especially during peak hours. They seem to be understaffed most of the time and it can get a bit hectic and confusing during these times. Case in point – we’d tried to order a side dish from a waiter and he’d flat out said that they’d run out of the latter. Which was fine to us, until we noticed that several other tables around us were served said dish. Later we asked another staff (this time a waitress) and she confirmed what we’d suspected, that the dish was actually available. Maybe the absent minded syndrome has strike again in CRS?

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