Haijoox CowDung Tart (KK FoodieVenture #89)

Let us now switch gears and focus more on places that I’ve been to, that was not within the Imago Shopping Mall proximity. Although I only went to one other place (since my business was mostly within the latter and due to time constraints), this place was probably the most memorable one for me this time around. The franchise kiosk features the many flavours of the ‘cow dung tarts’ (appropriately named after the unique shape that resembles… err, you know what I mean) so obviously that attracted my attention straight away. 

I admit that I have noticed this place as I was making my way in and around Suria Sabah mall prior to this (they’re on the 1st floor). Unfortunately, since I’m currently on a no-cheese diet (due to this health problem that I had develop several months ago) it was a no-go for me to try out their namesake tart (although they did looked drool worthy). But this time around my eyes caught sight of their eggettes, another pastry which I was dying to try out but never got the chance to do so (yup, even in Tawau). And since they had this chocolate flavour that did not have any cheese in it (or at least not that I know of) I wasted no time in ordering them. Man, I fell in love with the munchies straight away, as it was crispy (a ‘sensitive’ word as of late - hahaha) and fluffy, with a generous amount of chocolate rice and thick sauce. There are also a slew of other beverages for those that are not in the mood for eating.

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