Sandwich Recipe by Aryana

It was a rainy day when me and my partner decided to roam around the in famous Empire building in town. We’d planned to have a somewhat late night snack at the food stalls within the area but since it is still drizzling a bit, we’d decided to try out the relatively new sandwich joint located right next to our intended destination. For those of you still not in the clear as to where they are, they are actually within the Empire building (facing the stalls area). It’s good to note that there’s a Butik B.O.B by Afdlin Shauki right next to their eatery (yes, a place that sell that pelikat pants everyone seems to be wearing nowadays).

I’ve only went to a sandwich shop once here in Tawau so I was thrilled to discover this place. The small shop provided a variety of sandwiches such as C’Ketchup (nope, it’s not what you think it is), C’Roasted, Meatball, Chicken Loaf, Seafood, Beef and their weekend special, the Fish Recipe. We were there during a weekend but unfortunately my initial choice (the Fish Recipe) and my second choice (the C’Ketchup) were unavailable. In the end, I settled for their Chicken Loaf sandwich and it tasted… err, ordinary to me. There’s nothing too special about it since they just slapped some chicken ham, salads and (a whole lot of) mayonnaise inside the sandwich. Not a good start in my books though. But my partner was luckier than me when he ordered their Beef sandwich which tasted better than mine. I had a taste and it tasted very barbecue like and the beef chunks were tender. So I guess it all comes down to what you ordered and personal preferences to their sandwiches since I took a peeked at their Facebook page and patrons seems to be raving about their sandwiches.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of September 2016)  

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