Open House Bar & Cafe

Judging from multiple selfies, I’ve noticed recently that a bunch of my social media friends have been hanging out here often so it got me curious. And I like the fact that it combines a typical bar like atmosphere (with dart machines in the corner no less) with an ordinary cafĂ© setting so patrons with families will not feel as if they’re out of place there. So if you’re interested, you can visit them at CTV Junction commercial area (yup, that single row of shops at Jalan Sin Onn. It’s also in the same row as Wukka Cafe).

Since everybody seems to be posting about their ‘desert beverages’ (as they’d called them), it is only natural for us to try them out. We have decided on their Chocolate Milkshake and Chocolate Oreo respectively and I would say that the latter tasted better. Although I must admit that both drinks tasted just so-so. Without those strategically placed add-ons on top of them, the actual ice-blended drinks were very bland. And trust me; I took a sip way before I ate all those sweet, yummy goodies on top of it. The food was a bit of a disappointment to me as well. I’d ordered their Honey Chicken Rice and it’s very ordinary. The sliced chicken was actually well seasoned but there’s this weird taste with their rice though. But my partner loved their Chicken Wings & Sausages though. There’s nothing special about their sausages (it’s your typical store bought sausages) but the fried chicken wings were pretty good. It tasted salty but delicious, no doubt your usual beer companion munchies (not that I drink beer mind you – I just had a lot of friends that did). 

** Current status – Has been closed (as of January 2017)  

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