Le Cottage Cafe

Like I’ve mentioned several times before, my mom and I went to the Giant Hypermarket almost once per week so by extension, we also roamed around the Perdana Jaya commercial area quite often. So it doesn’t escape my eyes that this new eatery (positioning itself facing the Giant Hypermarket main entrance) has been gaining fans lately. Now if you’re going by their outer looks alone (and name of course) you’re expecting a western food café right? But what you’ll actually be getting is a KFC like chicken franchise. Yup, it’s actually a fast food joint, mainly the Peninsular Malaysian originated franchise called MyFC.

I was always curious (there are other MyFC stalls in and around the Tawau area but this is the first full fledge café/ restaurant for said food) and often wonder what does the fried chickens from this particular brand tasted like. I tried out their 2 piece Chicken Meal and Popcorn Chicken (sounds familiar right?) and what I can say is that they have a (very) long way to go to catch up with other well-known franchises. The fried chickens were actually pretty crispy but were too oily for my liking and borderline tasteless as well. Granted my mom is not a fan of fast food so she opted for a Honey Chicken Wings dish (yes, they do have several other dishes not related to the MyFC brand available) and she said that the dish is probably better tasting than mine (to which I agree – the marinated chicken looked more appealing). I’d also ordered their Cheese Sandwich (again, not originally from the MyFC menu) out of a whim and that dish was so ordinary in both taste and presentation (they just slap a slice of cheese in between a toasted bread) that I reckon I can fixed a better meal myself. But like any other newly opened café, they do seem to have their own fan base so it depends on your personal preferences.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of September 2016)  

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