Sri Titingan Seafood Restaurant Fajar

If you’re a fan of the locally famous (and most probably the only Malay owned seafood restaurant in Tawau) Restoran Sri Titingan but you always thought that their location was a tad ‘out of reach’, then good news people! They have recently opened a new branch at Fajar Complex, right next to the AX nightclub (their current venue was formerly the Tawau Seafood Restaurant). Technically this is their second attempt at opening a branch elsewhere (their main restaurant is at the Tawau Lama area), since their first try at Taman Univilla didn’t go so well. So how did they fare this time around?

I was there with my entire family (which includes my sister and her family as well) so it was somewhat a feast for us. We’d ordered a couple of their staple food such as Steamed Fish with Tauchu, Sweet and Sour Fish, Mixed Vegetables, Kangkung Masak Belacan, Corn Crab Soup and Butter Prawns. It’s quite obvious that the dishes won’t be totally the same as its predecessor (different kitchen staff of course) but I initially hoped that they’d at least retained some degree of similarity to the latter when it comes to tastes. Unfortunately that is not the case, since almost all of the dishes that came out (except for the Sweet & Sour Fish – which tasted more towards the sweet side rather than sour) were somewhat bland. It surprises us because their main branch usually dishes out meals that were full of flavours and fresh. Also, their waiting staff has got to be one of the laziest bunch I've ever encountered in Tawau (and that's saying a lot). Management is definitely the key (as it seems non-existent) so here's hoping that they'll improved in the future. 

** Current status – Still in operation (as of September 2016)  

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