Backyard Vacay: Rooms Tawau

It’s not too late for me to wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 right? Due to a few unforseen problems late last year (both personal and work related) me and my partner decided (with very heavy hearts mind you) that we’re not going to have our annual year-end vacation that year. So we got creative and consoled ourselves with a backyard vacay instead. Plus this 3 months old accomodation has caught my eyes the moment I’d accidentally discovered them while driving through the Kubota Square commercial area. And just so we’re in the clear here, they are situated right in front of both the Tea Time Cafe and Old Town White Coffee eateries respectively.

Since they’re still within their soft opening period when we checked into the place, they’d given us a promotional rate which had brightened up my day instantly. I was also very impressed when I stepped into the lobby area, as they have this modern, minimalist type of decor which I personally loved. The art deco theme continued throughout the hallways on each floor (see pics below) as well as their rooms. The room that we were assigned to was also surprisingly spacious and very new looking. We got a view of the back alley but I don’t mind since we’re not there for the view anyway. The amenities inside the room were pretty standard which includes a TV with 8 channels, although I was a bit curious as to why they’d picked out the Cinemax channel instead of the usual, more current Fox Movies channel. And if you got a vehicle (which I highly recommend) then you do not have to worry since they do have designated free parkings in front of the hotel. The hotel might be quite a distance from the main town area but do not fret since the commercial area itself is pretty self-sufficient, with more than a few eateries, banks, convenient stores and even a Giant hypermarket within walking distance.

Now I know for a fact that it’s currently pretty hard to find any infos on them since they’d barely established themselves, so I’ll include their contact info as well okay? If you’re interested in checking them out for yourselves, you can contact them via direct call at 089-916333/332 or you can also email them at I’d used the latter method (just to test their responses) and trust me when I say that they’re very prompt in replying your email. Definitely a thumbs up in my books! Also, they have recently been added into the & listings so do check  them out as well. 

My personal ratings are as follows...

Type – Deluxe Queen
Room – 4/5 (everything is still brand spanking new)
Price – 5/5 (they were still in promotional mode when I was there so I’m obviously happy)
Service – 4/5 (everything went on smoothly)
Decor – 5/5 (you can’t tell that I really, really like their internal decor huh? *sarcasm)
Facilities – 3/5 (so far they provide standard, deluxe, executive and family rooms)

Location – 4/5 (trust me, it will be an even more strategic place in the near future) 

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