McDonald's Tawau

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking ‘aiyaa… McD pun mau di review ka?’ right? Trust me when I say that Tawaurians (including our east coast neighbours LD, Kunak & Semporna mind you) had been hoping for a McDonald’s to be opened here in this sleepy town of ours for years before our prayers were finally answered a few years back. We’re utterly grateful for the person who’d made it all possible (as it is a known fact that you do need to have a substantial amount of moolah to be able to take on this franchise) and so to celebrate that fact, I’m doing this so-called special review on the internationally famous fast food joint. Oh and by the way, they’re located at Mile 4, Jalan Apas and in close proximity to Giant Hypermarket. Cheers!

Coincidentally, it is also that time of the year again when the great McD put out their seasonal sensation that is the Prosperity Burgers (which happens to be one of my undisputed favourite comfort food of all time as well). Usually heavily promoted sometime in the beginning of December and lasted until the end of January (or whenever the Chinese New Year ends), I just loved how the juicy beef patty (yup, not too fond of their chicken version though) was soaked in this yummy blackpepper sauce. And do not get me started on their Twister Fries. I can easily finished 3 large packets of the salty goodness in one go. And yes, my inner stinginess will emerge during such times, as I refuse to share it with anybody else. But I can do without the Orange McFizz though as it tasted weird to me for some reason. Definitely not my cup of tea. My partner however decided to go rogue and try another ‘limited edition meal’ named the Chicken McWrap. The burrito like meal was surprisingly spicy according to him but he liked the flavourful chicken patty enough to give it a thumb up. This meal also came with regular fries and a Sprite McFloat (which I can assure you tasted better than my drink).

** Current status – Still in operation (as of January 2017)  

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