I do notice that I haven’t been around the Taipan Commercial area that often (since I rarely have any business there) so when my mom wanted to check out this eatery that has supposedly being opened by a friend of hers, I jumped at the chance. And no worries about me being all bias since I usually let my tongue and stomach guide me all the way when it comes to food (hehehe...foooodd gimme foooodddd...).

When I did a previous post of an eatery within Taipan, I did mentioned that it was a relatively small commercial area, with only 3 blocks of 3 storeys high building adjoining to one another. And you won’t have any problems locating this cafe since its right next to this 7Eleven joint and right in front of the Pizza Hut Taipan branch. I got curious before going to the place and had checked out their FB page beforehand. They did mentioned that they provide Chinese style cooking lauk-pauk for lunch (they do not serve pork as well) but they may had scratched that idea due to lack of interest (maybe – I’m just taking a stab here) since we do not see any of those during our stop. So we did what we’d always done and ordered out some MyCafe Fried Rice (kinda like a Nasi Goreng Special, and it’s actually scrumptious and has this sweet taste that I like) and Sweet and Sour Fish Rice (my mom seems satisfied as well so I guess it’s also delicious). They might not have an extensive menu but I genuinely like what they’d managed to dish out.  

** Current status – Has been closed (as of March 2017)   

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