Restoran Seafood Kubota

Okay so here’s the deal. I’m not quite sure myself whether this particular restaurant is still open or not, because I’d circled around the area that this eatery is situated a few times after my initial visit (which was on Nov 2016) and noticed that the place was closed everytime. It was first opened sometime around Oct 2016 (discovered that via FB of course) and I’m surprised that they’d managed to stayed open for a solid 2 months only before their closure on Dec 2016 (the time of my ‘shark circling activity’). Or had they moved somewhere else instead? Anyways, do update me if any of you guys found out anything okay? In the meantime, I’m just going to include my review of said place, just in case they’d suddenly decided to give themselves another go.

Now I swear to you that when I first arrived at this restaurant, I thought I was in the wrong place. Recommended by a friend via Facebook, it’s actually situated at the newly opened (yup, there seems to be a ‘new’ commercial area opening almost every other month here in Tawau) Bintang Kubota commercial area, right in front of the Tawau Hospital (Sin Onn branch). And eventhough the area has barely been filled up yet, this particular eatery chooses to open at the most unlikely spot; right at the backside of the area, facing some creepy looking thick bushes. The area was also very quiet and since they’re (previously) the only ones there, I’d almost missed the place all together had I’d not seen their signboard. But then again the rent might have something to do with it so me and mother dearest decided to just give them a try (since I already drove there anyway).

Their weird, scary vibing aside, the food was actually better than expected. My mom had asked the waitress whether they’re related to the locally popular Restoran Sri Titingan (since their menu seems to be around 90% the same as the latter) to which she denied it. In fact, when our food came out (we’d tried out their Nasi Goreng Kampung, Steamed Grouper Hong Kong Style and Stir Fried Mix Vegetables) the look and tastes were suspiciously similar to those of the more well-known seafood joint. But then again we might be wrong though since we’re not exactly food experts. Nevetheless, we’d found their overall cooking to be very flavoursome and scrumptious (eventhough the grouper was not 100% fresh), definitely recommended for you guys to give them at least a chance.

** Current status – Has been closed (as of January 2017)   

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