D'Maya (Mee Tauhu Tg Batu Tengah)

Obviously when talking about breakfast in Tawau, the main choice that stands above and beyond the rest would have to be the uber popular mee tauhu. So it’s no wonder that mee tauhu based eateries has been sprouting in and around town like nobody’s business. But while most of them had opened full fledge kedai kopi to accommodate the growing demands for the food (see a few of my previous posts for further reference) I was actually impressed with this particular wooden based, unassuming looking stall’s ability to withstand its competition.

Located right by the roadside leading up to the Tanjung Batu Tengah area (in close proximity to their Masjid Al-Aman and err… a graveyard nearby) the eatery has maintain a steady stream of fans to their place for years now. And it seems that they do not have any immediate plans to neither expand nor move to a more comfortable shop like its other rivals. Nevertheless, I do admit that I like their mee tauhu set very much, what with its authentic taste of gravy and non-greasy fried mee (something that their bigger, well-known competition seems to take lightly). Another top choice of food from their stall has got to be their Nasi Kuning dish. As seen in the picture below, their Nasi Kuning can be considered as unique due to its deeper yellowish colouring (I can assure you that it doesn’t taste weird at all; in fact it somehow made the rice even more savoury). Now if you combined that with an enticing non-spicy choice of Ayam or Ikan Masak Merah and some green garnish on top, it’s no wonder that it’s a hit among patrons (and one of my all time favourites as well).

** Current status – Still in operation (as of January 2017)   

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