Ginza Sup Tulang

Obviously when I first discovered this place via Facebook (again), I initially thought that it was a Japanese inspired joint (due to the Ginza name of course). But I was proven wrong because I neglected to notice the Sup Tulang part of the eatery (my bad folks). Anyway, since my parents were also interested in trying them out when we were in the area one afternoon, we eventually entered the place which is situated at the Taipan Commercial area, just a few steps away from MyCafe    

Since this is not a Japanese joint (like duh) it was no surprise that their menu consist of mainly locally popular cuisines. My dad opted for Nasi Goreng Kampung (I did have a bite and I must say that it’s yummy, with the right amount of spices) while I ate their Nasi Lalap (the sambal was notable but everything else was just ‘meh’). Although mom was present during that time, she decided to tapau a Mee Hoon Sup Ayam instead, since she just got one of her tooth pulled out at a nearby dental clinic. Mom did mentioned later on that the dish was good with a lot of shredded chickens being added into it.  And it does not escape my attention that none of us actually tried out their namesake dish during said visit. Oh well, maybe next time huh?

** Current status – Has been closed (as of March 2017) 

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