King Park & Wisma Waqaf Food Stalls

Remember the time when I told you guys about a few locally popular night time spots for food in Tawau? No? Anyway, there seems to be a few new rookies in town vying for the title as well. Well, somewhat new anyway since the places had been previously opened to the public but were forced to seize business due to permit problems (the former) or due to unsuccessful ventures (the latter).

But it seems that the management (that obviously being the King Park Hotel right next door) has sorted out the legal stuff and now the place is more alive than it was before its premature closure. Unfortunately this place is tiny compared to the other two more popular food stall areas that I’ve reviewed before (just to recap, that areas being the Takada Food Stalls and also the Empire Food Stalls). There’s limited stalls being opened here (only around 10 stalls) and an even limited spaces for patrons to sit and hangout. But that obviously did not stop people from stopping by the site daily. Among the stalls that are available includes ice coffee stalls (it seems that the trend hasn’t died out yet), yong tau foo, soupy dishes and made-to-order food stalls. We’d decided to order some Nasi Goreng Lalap, Nasi Goreng Daging and a Sizzling Chicken dish from this particular stall and I must say that I’m not disappointed at all. Their Sizzling Chicken was particularly memorable since it’s quite tender and juicy.

Meanwhile, a few vendors came and went from the area in front of Emadira textile shop throughout the years, probably due to the lack of customers. Place wise I would say that it is very strategic (it’s smack in the middle of the Fajar Complex area) but the lack of interest by patrons might be due to an even smaller choices of food than the previous makan place. We’d dropped by recently to sample some so-called grilled burgers from a new stall hailing from Pulau Sebatik no less (obviously at my partner’s insistence). The Burger Bakar Kukus disappointedly turned out to be very ordinary looking and tasting (and I mean really, really ordinary – like any non grilled burgers out there). We were a bit unsatisfied after that so we’d decided to order some satays from another stall right next to them and that turned out to be quite nice. Also, the place only has a banana fritters stall apart from the other two that I’ve mentioned; as the area was mainly ‘anchored’ by a bigger food & drinks stall right in the middle of the square.

** Current status – The King Park stalls has been closed yet again but the Wisma Waqaf stalls are still operational albeit with limited tenants (as of Nov 2017)  

King Park Food Stalls Pictures 

Wisma Waqaf Food Stalls Pictures 

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