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If you’re a local, then you might notice that the coffee industry within Tawau is still in its infancy stage. Unlike bigger neighbouring cities like Kota Kinabalu, we’d only just recently seen the booming of such business within this little town of ours. So one of those shops is this little place I’d found via the ever handy Foursquare. The relatively new joint is located at the Unijaya commercial area, at the very spot formerly occupied by Eaaat Cafe

I was driving alone for lunch one day and was in the mood for something sweet when I decided to pay them a visit. The contemporary family run café feels both cosy and easeful, a perfect place to unwind. Well, it would be even more perfect if they provide free wifi (which they do not), something that is essential in any successful café. They’d also applied the self-service order system here, so after browsing through their menu board for a couple of seconds (and that yummy display of cakes), I’d decided to let my stomach guide me and ordered their Chocolate Indulgence Cake, Chocolate Banana Waffle and a hot cup of mocha. Yes, I know… I OD on the sweetness department at that time but I wasn’t thinking straight (again, I blamed everything on my empty stomach). Let’s start off with the best among the three. I absolutely loved their hot mocha. I admit that I do not know much about the greatness that is coffee but this mocha suits my taste with its well balanced of caffeine and chocolate. Their cake was also delectable, what with its smooth texture and toothsome taste. But as an avid waffle fan, I was let down by the latter. The waffle itself came out very hard and overly burned. A tad too long in the waffle maker perhaps?  

** Current status – Still in operation (as of February 2017)   

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