Onde Onde TNT

It does occurred to me that even though the name of the place refers to a type of local kuih, the latter does not seem to be present within their current menu. Maybe it has before but has been unavailable since (because I do notice that the place has been around for a number of years now). What got me curious though was the fact that ever since they’d taken over from the previous tenant (that being the Indo Taste 2), customers had been few and far between but they’d somehow managed to hold on until now. There must be something special that made them survive this long right? Oh and by the way, they’re right in front of a more popular hangout eatery called Food Central, within the Fajar Complex area.

So one evening my mom decided that it’s time for both of us to check them out (yup, even my mom noticed their somewhat unusual situation). We had zero prior information on their food so when we arrived; we’d managed to go through their menu for 10 seconds flat because of how limited the items were. But I must say that they’d managed to surprise us with their food. Their menu consists of mainly local cuisines so we’d ordered their Blackpepper Chicken, Mushroom Steamed Fish and Mix-Vegetables and all of them had above average tastes. My personal favourite has got to be their Blackpepper Chicken which tasted more like chicken marinated in some thick sweet soy sauce but it suited my taste buds. Mom preferred their Mushroom Steamed Fish, as she liked the fragrant aroma as well as the agreeable way they’d steamed the fish (as it is not overwhelmed by ginger). One thing that they can consider improving on (and might contribute to their lack of patrons) is their service. A waiter was very slow on his feet and was rushing us for an order while another one was just lounging on a lounge area, busy looking through his phone without even bothering to acknowledge us. Such a shame though considering the food was pretty good.

** Current status – Has been closed (as of July 2017)   

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