Net Alive Cafe 2.0

During another rainy evening recently (by the way, Happy Lunar New Year everyone… it’s finally ‘my year’ this time around), me and my partner was roaming around the Fajar Complex area (as per usual) when we spotted this particular eatery. The place was once a restaurant which caters to mainly fish dishes but it seems that after a few months (or is it a year?) their business doesn’t seem to be taking off so now it’s a regular cafĂ© which features regular local cuisines.

If you’re a Tawaurian, you might think that the name of the place sounds somewhat familiar. It is currently (I assumed) owned by the same people that had opened the Net Alive (a pub just above the premise) hence the 2.0 thingy. It’s very near to the Fajar branch of Milimewa Superstore and on the same row as a shop that sells cooking gas called Man Tong Shing. In terms of food, I honestly think that they have a long way to go since the dishes that we had were just so-so. My order (a Nasi Goreng Special of sorts but with a fancier name that I can’t seem to remember) was disappointingly tasteless and dry while my partner’s Kung Pao Chicken Rice fare slightly better than mine but still nothing extraordinary about it. But I did peek into their fridge and got myself a homemade butter cake. Even though it might look very plain but it was surprisingly very moist, with just the right amount of sweetness to suit my liking.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of February 2017) 

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