Outward Vacay: Celyn City Hotel

I was surprised when my boss gave me a letter recently, instructing me to attend a course of sorts in Kota Kinabalu for almost a week. As I was dying to get out of the workplace, I welcomed the letter with open arms. The only downside to this was that I needed to find my own accommodation and food, using my own expenses before being reimbursed later on… which is not something that I looked forward to since I was on a tight budget.

After combing through the ever handy hotel booking apps for awhile, I’ve decided to try this particular hotel since it is located within the Warisan Square area; an area which I’m very familiar with and with lots of affordable food opinions nearby. More importantly, the boutique hotel was also within my tiny budget. So despite some negative reviews from, I decided to just cross my fingers and hoped for the best. And you know what? Thankfully I had a pleasant experience with them.

Despite the main lobby being at the ground floor area in Warisan Square (it’s on the far left side of the building), the lifts going to the rooms were disconnected from the lobby and is actually located at a very public area within said mall. Since this is not my first time experiencing such a condition, I took it as it was and went straight to block B for my room. It’s good to note that they do have a secure entrance on every floor whereby only patrons with keycards can access the area. I initially did not have any problems with the room that was assigned to me. I mean, it might be small but it’s still very pleasing and comfortable. I have stayed at the hotel several years back when it was still known as Myne Hotel and the décor was exactly as it was before. But at around 1am, the air-conditioner inside my room suddenly decided to act out and completely shut down. After calling for the maintenance guy, he recommended that I switched to a new room as he might took some time repairing it. Changing rooms went on smoothly and I was happy to be put into a room with a better view the second time around. Kudos to the hotel team for their non-fussy response and swift action. Everything else went on swimmingly after that and I did enjoy the rest of my stay. And if you’re driving, then I’m sorry to tell you that they have very limited free parking spaces in front of the premise (maybe around 3 or so only) and you do need to pay a hefty sum to park elsewhere nearby.

Next we have…

Type – Superior Standard
Room – 4/5 (I really like staying with them despite the hiccups)
Price – 3/5 (reasonable pricing considering the very central area)
Service – 4/5 (thumbs up to the staff for their attentive & polite services)
Décor – 3/5 (it has seen better days)
Facilities – 3/5 (again, it has seen better days)
Location – 4/5 (strategically placed in the middle of the bustling KK city area) 

** Below were the pictures from our first room (with an internal window of the Warisan Square mall)... 

** And these pictures were from our second room (with a window facing Centre Point)...

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