Abu Dhabi Restaurant (KK FoodieVenture #62)

My partner was initially the one interested in stopping by this particular eatery (relatively new to the area since they were not there during our last visit to KK) mainly because of its name. Apart from the obvious, the name actually symbolizes a motor enthusiasts group based in Kota Kinabalu (from what I’ve been told by my partner anyway). As he is a part of a similar group in Tawau, he decided to drag me there one evening (they’re located within the Asia City commercial area, on the same row as De Leeton Hotel and just opposite of the Centre Point shopping mall). 

It is forgiven for any new patrons to think that the owner of such an establishment is also originated from its namesake Middle Eastern country. But from a short conversation with one of the waitresses, we were told that that was not the case. So it was not really a surprise that the menu is a mix of local cuisines as well as several Indian/Arabic dishes. And what was more surprising was the fact that their food were actually pretty good. We’d ordered their Nasi Goreng Special (it has a fancier name than that but I can’t seem to remember what it was called), Roti Arab and some local kuihs for our lunch. My partner was practically licking his plate clean as the fried rice was just outstanding in taste. Their local kuihs were also exceptional; particularly the curry puff since they’d used actual chicken chunks in their generous filling. But their Roti Arab tasted odd to us though. It might be just a matter of confusion on our part (since the dish was prepared differently in Tawau) but I do not dig the whole powdery texture plus raisins, as the combination tasted weird in my mouth.

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