Royal Fried Chicken (KK FoodieVenture #59)

As me and my partner made our way to the ground floor of Centre Point shopping mall on the second day (because I got some time to spare for lunch before my course begins again for the day) we were somewhat greeted by this very colourful fast food joint near to the Body Shop and City Watch store. I honestly don’t know the significance of their vivid looking under-the-sea wallpapers (yes, I know that Sabah is the place for beautiful sea life but this is a fried chicken place for crying out loud) but I must say that I did not let that stop me from trying them out.

I initially had absolutely no expectation for their food due to our unfamiliarity to the brand. A quick search online suggested that this is still a fledging brand so we had no idea what to expect. After looking through their menu for some time, we decided to take on their BBQ Chicken Combo set (which consist of 4 pieces of BBQ chickens, rice and a drink) and also the Kinabalu Burger set (a double chicken burger plus a milkshake). My partner said that he like the sweetly marinated chickens but also noted that the portion could be better for the price that we’re paying. And I’m going to say that I wasn’t disappointed with their burger either. The patties weren’t that notable (but still quite tender) but what really made the food popped was their delicious cheese source and mayonnaise. I’m really not a fan of sauces but this time the sauces really did made the whole burger tasted more scrumptious and (literally) finger-licking. Their chocolate milkshake however was just passable in taste. But I did noticed that there seemed to be quite a number of people stopping by just to sample their soft ice-cream though. Maybe I should try them out on my future visit.

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