Imago Food Street (KK FoodieVenture #61)

No matter how busy I was during my work related course in KK, me and my partner made sure that we’d stopped by the locally famous Imago Shopping Mall because I was eager to try out their Food Street as it was not available during my last visit. The modern version on a Chinese hawker style dining food court is situated on the top floor of said mall, opposite the MBO cinema. At first glance, the place might be geared more towards Chinese cuisines but rest assured that that is not the case. They were enough variety for everyone to enjoy their food (although by the looks of it, around 80% of the people running the stalls were probably Chinese anyway).

We were there during lunch hour so the place was packed with customers but luckily there were a few seats available. It has a free seating concept so no worries on ‘accidentally’ seating where you shouldn’t have. After scanning the choices available, we decided to try out the only 2 stalls that had provided Malay style cooking. My partner decided to order Tenggiri + Lala rice set from this stall called Belacan’s while I’d went for Nasi Mandy Arab from the stall next door named Lesung Mas. Looking at the pictures below, you would’ve expected my partner’s dish to have a dynamite taste but instead what we got was a ‘belacan’ (shrimp paste) based sauce that was surprisingly in dire need of salt. Mine was worse, what with the very undercooked and still in their ‘beras’ state rice and the tasteless and dry chicken. Not a good first impression indeed.

Another thing that I would like to comment on is regarding the drinks. I would like to suggest to the management team to provide a drinking station. Right now, almost all of the stalls sold their own drinks independently and were limited to some mineral waters and soft drinks. We initially thought that there’s a drinking station somewhere within the premise so we did not bought any drinks from the stalls that we’d visited. We ended up going back to the same stalls to buy some mineral waters separately.

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