Kung Fu La Mian (KK FoodieVenture #58)

As usual, several of my reviews from here on will focus mainly on my recent work related trip to Kota Kinabalu. I have managed to rope my dear partner into accompanying me as he was still in sulking mode on not being able to have our annual holiday last year. It was already late in the evening when we finally managed to check into the hotel (see previous post) and as we’re a bit jet lagged and just stones away from the Centre Point shopping mall, we’d decided to find something to eat within the premise. I was also hell-bent on finding new places to eat (as my partner has the tendency to repeatedly visit places that we’d frequented before) so I quickly manoeuvred him to the lower ground floor area where the main food court is at. I remembered that there’s this Chinese Muslim restaurant that I had initially wanted to try before and I was quite happy to find out that not only does it’s still opened, but has also managed to expand their business into two shops now.

We were given this extensively pictured menu upon sitting down and I was amused to find that the menu was mainly in Chinese language (but they do provide the English translations as well). Communication with some of the waiters and cooks (who were originally from China) might be tricky since they do not speak either English or Malay that well. So after going through the pictures for awhile, I finally pointed my finger at their Sweet BBQ Sauce Chicken with Noodles since I have been admiring the Chinese guy’s skill in hand-pulling these delicious looking noodles from scratch (and by that I mean from its original dough form). And I must say that I’m impressed with the noodle’s springy texture, as well as the well portioned and tender chicken chunks. My partner decided to forgo the menu altogether and opted instead for their Nasi Campur option that were available in front of said eatery. Choices were pretty limited by the time we were there but my partner said that he still enjoyed the ‘very Chinese’ tasting dishes.

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