Ding Tea

We take a short break from all those hearty eating all throughout the Chinese New Year (by the way, Happy Doggie New Year everyone!) and chill out with a selection of drinks from this place. A well known beverages franchise originating from Taiwan (the ground zero for all things milk tea), the Tawau branch has opened its doors to patrons at the Bintang Kubota Commercial Centre, sometime last year. I did notice them while I was driving by the area every weekend but it took a little err… controversy for me to actually stopped by the store and try them out. What can I say, I’m a sucker for gossip and as I’ve discovered after visiting their joint, good refreshing drinks as well.

They did have quite an extensive choice of beverages available, making it a bit hard for us to choose. In the end though, me and my mom had tried out their Classic Chocolate and Double-mixed Chocolate (the latter had both pudding & boba included in the drink which was just superb) as well as their Pineapple Green Tea and Mango Green Tea (from their Fruit Tea section). All of the drinks that we’ve tried were indeed thirst-quenching, with moderate level of sweetness and some yummy chewables. Not just that, they also had various flavours of teas, lattes, juices, cream mousses, yogurts, milk teas and smoothies for you to choose from (yup, making our lives even more ‘difficult’ indeed).

** Current status – Will be closing on March 2020 (as of Jan 2020)  

*These are the Classic Chocolate & Pineapple Green Tea...

*... and these are the Double Mixed Chocolate & Mango Green Tea respectively

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