Kafe Hati Ke Hati

I was somewhat anticipating this eatery’s opening earlier this year due to the fact that the brand Hati Ke Hati is a well-known all-in-one bridal store & catering business. Boasting a steady service all around Tawau (as well as its neighbouring districts & even some parts of Peninsular Malaysia), I was very intrigued when I found out that they’re opening a café within the Gaya Commercial Centre single row shops (right next to Taman Gaya B, occupying the shop formerly rented by Goat Heaven Cafe). 

One thing that stands out about this café is its overall décor. As expected, the eatery was fully decorated with flowers and ornaments usually found in a typical wedding ceremony (or specifically the Malay ‘pelamin’) with several ‘hot spots’ suitable for private dinners or celebrations. Me and my partner got curious and seated ourselves at one such area within the café (hence the somewhat dark and ‘romantic’ pictures below – sorry folks!) and ordered their Nasi Goreng Hati Ke Hati and Nasi Ayam Penyet. Both were pretty good meals although nothing too distinctive in terms of taste. I’d also grabbed their Kek Batik (from their display cases) and found that it was to my liking, with a good balance of sweetness from the butter (I presume) and chocolate. Unfortunately the same thing cannot be said of their Chrysanthemum Tea as it was very fragrant and refreshing but with the sweetness level that will probably knock somebody out.

** Current status – Has been closed & taken over by BossQue Cafe (as of Oct 2018) 

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