Cool Soto

I’ve been under the weather for almost a week now so my strength (and brain) are currently not functioning as it should. So do forgive my somewhat short entry this time around okay. It was because my initial choice for soto was not available for the day that I’ve finally decided to try out this particular place. An equally popular eatery when it comes to anything and everything soto in town, the place might had a slight  advantage in terms of location as it is located quite centrally within the Fajar Complex (in the same row as Restoran Senario 2 and the newly relocated Indo Cafe).  They had a sizeable soto selection as me and my mom had their chicken and mixed seafood balls variety respectively. But both of us agree that both dishes were just average and lacklustre. The portioning of their ingredients were okay but their soup was a letdown, as it was borderline tasteless to me; with a strong peppery taste that wasn't kind to my nostrils.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of June 2018) 

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