Lil Grilled Garage

Man, there’s no way in hell that I’ll be making my way as far as the Balung area (which is exactly the other end to where I’m currently staying) if it wasn’t for this particular burger joint. You could say that they went locally viral for their mouth watering burgers and other western food selection and since the opportunity presented itself recently (or more precisely I needed to send my dad to the Tawau airport) me and my partner wasted no time in stopping by their place. And in all honesty, I was taken aback by how… err, small the joint really is. Granted, I did know beforehand that the burger stall rented a place within the Restoran Sedap Corner Balung branch’s premises (right beside the junction leading towards the UiTM Tawau) but I was expecting them to be much bigger in terms of stall size (due to their FB page). Parking might also be a bit of a problem since said premise is located on top of a small hill and with limited parking spots to boot.

As my partner was a big fan of grilled burgers (particularly the beef variety) he was understandably gutted when they’re out of beef patties for the day. So both of us just have to make do with their Blazing Chicken Burger and Grilled Chicken Burger. I ate the latter and it was juicy and delicious as expected but not that distinguished in my humble opinion. I guess because I have tasted better offerings elsewhere so I was slightly disappointed for the non-wow factor. My partner’s burger was a rendition of KFC’s Zinger Burger but more crispy and tender with tastier sauces (at least that’s what he said).  

** Current status – Still in operation (as of June 2018) 

*A look at their stall in the middle...

*... with the Restoran Sedap Corner's section on the right...

*... the outside seating area...

*... their Blazing Chicken Burger...

*... and their Grilled Chicken Burger

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