D'Salam Cafe

Have you guys heard of the Warung Padang Jawa at Alamesra Kota Kinabalu before? It’s this restaurant that is quite popular for their Nasi Ayam Penyet and at a very affordable price. Unfortunately I’ve never been there to try them out myself (yet) but no worries; since it seems that they have graced us with their presence here in Tawau. Even though it’s called D’Salam Café here and is located within the Ba Zhong commercial area (formerly the Italian café Farfalle’s spot and also right in front of the Restoran Wakaf Thai Tom Yam) we were sure that we’re at the right spot (because their banners outside said so). And it’s quite telling that this place has just been very recently opened, what with the weirdly positioned standing fans and tissues that hadn’t been bought yet (no joke – we requested for them and that’s what we were told). At least they’re being honest right?  

But it’s kind of obvious that the first thing to do when me and my partner were there is to try out the in-famous Nasi Ayam Penyet (which is also a promotional item, paired with Air Sirap Limau at RM8.50 – at the time of this post) and I must say that I’m impressed. The chicken was nicely fried all through the bones and the sambal was sweet, tangy and a bit spicy all at once. But is it the best in town? I think I have to differ (because Tawau can also be considered as a ‘hot place’ for Nasi Ayam Penyet) but I can assure you that the dish will not disappoint you. But what will is their Fried Kuey Teow (my partner is in the mood for one) since it tasted bland and overly charred.

** Current status – Has been closed (as of April 2017)

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