Ah Fatt Cafe

Me and my mom has this ‘system’ where we will have our ‘hot spot of the moment’ – an eatery that we’ll frequent almost every week, to the point that we’ll either get sick of it or move on to a new place. So our current so-called favourite spot is this little Chinese kedai kopi called Ah Fatt CafĂ©. Yup, a simple name for a relatively simple looking place, but I can assure you that their food were pretty darn good. Oh and by the way, it is situated at the single row of shops right behind Giant Hypermarket Tawau (at the far end of said shops).

As you might expect, we’d been to the eatery numerous times now so among the dishes that we’ve tasted were their Salted Eggs Fried Rice, Fried Mee Hoon with Fish Sauce, Chicken Sambal Rice, Mango Fish Rice, Kangkung Masak Belacan, Tofu with Salted Fish and Claypot Tofu. Of course not all of the dishes were slam dunks as I personally think that their Kangkung Masak Belacan unfortunately did not taste that fresh and the Claypot Tofu lacked proper seasoning. But my mom absolutely loves this place and their Fried Crab Mee Hoon (not in the pictures) is still a favourite of mine, which also happens to be one of their top sellers. Their price point is also their advantage (for now) as it is still possible for you to get a good meal for 2 persons at only RM20.00 (yup, rock bottom indeed).

** Current status – Has been closed (as of October 2017)  

* This keropok tidbits was given for free (yay!)

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