BBQ Chicken, Korea’s No. 1 Chicken Restaurant Tawau

Well it seems that we have a repeat of the Kurtos Spiroll episode here folks. Just when I thought that this particular franchise cannot possibly be making its way to our shores (because again, this one might not be that high on our wish list) lo and behold, it opened at the 1Arena (BDC) Commercial Centre (very near to Giant Hypermarket).

So unlike The Cafe BBQ that I went with my partner while I was in Imago KK, this time around I’ve asked my mom since she’d been giving me subtle hints about going there lately (yes, I do get it mom!). Feeling obliged, I brought my mom along and after an extensive ‘meditating’ in front of their menu, we’d decided on trying out their Jerk BBQ meal set (mom loved the chicken, as it is succulent and the sauce was just right she said) and their Kimchi Burger (I must say that I really like the kimchi inside the burger, as it doesn’t overwhelmed the crispy chicken patty at all). The food and service seems to be okay and all but I did notice that the place lacked customers even though it has been open for quite a while. Other than the somewhat above average pricing (*cough* expensive *cough*) I think that Tawaurians might not fancy Korean food as much as the latter’s music & dramas. But then again, that is just my personal theory.

** Current status – Has been closed (as of September 2017)  

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