The Container Cafe

Here it is people; my very first local hipster café visit! Gosh I sound old when I say that. Granted, there aren’t that many hipster café being opened here in good old Tawau before (until very recently when they made their sudden appearances all over). I did a little digging (via Google of course) and found out that it implies ‘trendy cafes which are deemed a favourite hangout for youngsters’. Well… okay then… Shall we move on to the actual café yes?

So the Container Café is exactly what you would’ve expected a hipster café should be. They’d ticked all the boxes; a unique place (it’s located at the back side of Taman Emas (near Fujimart)’s single row shops – and with plenty of selfie potentials to boot), signature concept (the place was partly made from industrial containers – hence the name), western food (as of now, the choices of food might be a bit limited) and coffee (well duh!). If I’m not mistaken, the café had just opened its doors for all sometime last month so it is forgivable for them to still be tweaking their food here and there. Because when we’d ordered their Spaghetti Bolognese and Black pepper Chicken Chop, it was not up to par (yet). The former’s meatballs were a bit chewy and had a strong beefy smell while the latter’s sauce was a bit tasteless (but I do appreciate the fact that they did their own mash potatoes, even though it was very bland). But I absolutely loved their Chocolate Waffle, as it was crispy without being too hard or bitter (just nicely done) with a good spread of Nutella on top of them, plus a tasty scoop of vanilla ice-cream. I also like their orange juice (they did not add any sugar, just 100% original juice so it was sour as hell – my kind of juice indeed!).

Before patronizing however, I do advise you guys to check out their FB page first, as they’re still in semi-renovation mode from time to time, and to check out for their off days. Also, do be extra careful while parking as the back alley (it’s unavoidable since the café is located at the back side of the shops) since it can be extra dark at night.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of October 2016)  

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