Special Edition: Warung Food

While I was doing a sweep inside my laptop recently (because I have a few days to spare during the recent public holidays) I noticed that I have a few materials on hawker food (aka warung) from in and around the Tawau area. So a light bulb moment came to me and I decided to compile them into a special edition of sorts. Mind you, this is only the first part of such ‘edition’ so do expect more of them in the near future.

Warung Bang Jo
Where: Medan Selera Persisiran Sabindo
What to order: Nasi Ayam Penyet, Nasi Goreng Aspar (see pic), Ice Teler
What do I think: It’s the place to be especially after sundown and you’re thinking of chilling out with some friends, warung style of course. The Nasi Goreng Aspar is our favourite dish to order here, as the place never fails to impress us with the crispiness of their fried chicken.  

Warung Utama Tom Yam
Where: Medan Selera Persisiran Sabindo
What to order: Nasi Goreng Ayam Penyet (see pic), Tom Yam Soup
What do I think: Just a few stalls away from the latter is this warung that specializes in seafood and Thai cooking. Another plus point – there are also a few other tinier stalls selling some good old satays and grilled chicken wings within their premises. Their Nasi Goreng Ayam Penyet was okay in terms of taste but not great. But their tom yam soup was recommendable, what with its balance of sour and sweet tastes (and surprising not that spicy).

Warung Bakso & Nasi Lalap
Where: Hill Top area
What to order: Nasi Goreng Ayam Penyet (see pic), Coconut Milk drink
What do I think: This place might be a bit overshadowed by a stall next door (a more popular one called Warung Nina) but I prefer this quiet stall better. I know this is a matter of personal taste but according to my taste buds, this place has one of the best Nasi Ayam Penyet there is. I mean the sambal was just out-of-this-world but do be warned though that it’s on the spicier side.

Gerai Makan No.34
Where: Err… at Sabindo Open-Air Food Stall? Or as Lonely Planet dubbed the area, the Sabindo Hawker Centre
What to order: Nasi Campur (see pic), Nasi Goreng, Ikan Kukus
What do I think: It’s a good place to find not only Chinese seafood but also Indonesian warung food. I recommend their array of ‘lauk pauk’ especially for lunch, not just because of the variety but also for their perfectly seasoned tastes (although you might need to battle the heat while having your lunch there).

Gerai 97
Where: Pasar Taman Semarak  
What to order: Nasi Campur (see pic), Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng

What do I think: The variety of their ‘lauk’ might not be as extensive as the latter but it is still sufficient and with acceptable above-average tastes. It is recommended for you to come before lunchtime since their food will most probably be gone by then. And it’s good to note that their pricing was one of the cheapest out there.  
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