Aimicha Curry House

One thing that this place got right (or probably they’d just lucked out?) is their monopolization of a strategic location. The Gaya Commercial Centre (at Jalan Guru, right next to Taman Gaya B) was still brand spanking new when they opened their doors as the first eatery within said premises. In terms of food, there are some hits and misses. Me and my mom tried out their Nasi Briyani (the rice dish was very cold so it does effect the taste a bit), Nasi Campur (mom was trying to avoid the all curry themed dishes and said that it was okay at best) and some Roti Canai (pretty crispy but the curry was not particularly flavorable). 

Now ready for something that is not so good about this place? I have never in my life got totally ignored by a waitress. There might be several dragging-on-their-feet types of situation but never like this. So there I was trying to catch this waitress’s attention (she was just standing around the cashier counter) politely and even smiling when she just brush me off. At first I thought that I may have mistakenly identified a patron as a waitress but I can assure you that that wasn’t the case. When I tried again for the second time (as she was walking by) she just threw me and my mom this bored look and muttered ‘oh..’ and then went passed our table to serve another table! I was so dumbfounded by it all that I hadn’t even realized that another waiter had (thankfully) took notice of us and took out orders. I’m usually a cool cucumber but it is just baffling even for me. And I did notice that the ‘other table’ was occupied by young lads that might contribute to the particular brush off.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of October 2016)  

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