Indo Cafe Fajar & Indo Cafe 2 Unijaya

I did mentioned a while back when I did a review on a place called Indon Style Cafe that they’re a part of a local franchise (albeit with different names of course). The original café is located at the backside of Fajar Complex (in front of the Ikan Goreng TNT) and after their runaway success, they have since opened quite a number of branches all over Tawau (I lost count of just how many). So in this entry, I’ll be featuring both the first and the second Indo Café since both are the more popular ones among all of the branches. And just so you guys know, the Indo Café 2 is within the Unijaya commercial area.

Being a franchise of sorts, you would expect that most (if not all) of their food will be similar to one another, and you’re probably right to assume so. Even the style of cooking doesn’t differ that much from one branch to another which can be considered as a good thing in terms of food quality. But personally I think it’ll quickly make you loose interest in their food. During me and my partner’s visit to their main branch, we’d ordered their Nasi Goreng Indo Café (or Special, I can’t remember) and Kuey Teow Goreng. Nothing much to comment about their food other than it being lacklustre. Same goes when we’d tried out their Mix Vegetable Rice and Kon Lau Mee when we’d stopped by their Unijaya branch. But I do need to highlight their Pisang Goreng Cheese dish since it’s still one of the best there is here in Tawau. It has a good balance of crispy fritters with generous amount of cheese and brown sugar on top (although ratio of toppings may vary from time to time).

** Current status – Still in operation (as of January 2017)   

(Updated on 16/04/2018 - Their Fajar branch has recently moved a couple of steps away (to their left) to an even bigger premise. Business must be good eh? Some of the food that we've tried this time around includes their Nasi Lalap Ayam, Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin, ABC Gula Melaka & their top selling Mango Sago)

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