The Place

Replacing the Upgrade Hamburgers & Coffee within the Fajar Complex area and specifically next to the Nationwide Express office (yup, I’ve been roaming the area quite a bit as of later), The Place (no pun intended… wink wink) is now a local hangout site especially during night time (well, mostly during the non Ramadan months). The place (hehehe… sorry I can’t help it) provides typical local dishes as well as some Western treats in their menu. But what got everyone hyped up was the Malay yong tau foo stall right in front of said eatery. My partner decided to try some fried chicken wings from the latter out of curiosity and he said that it was just fair tasting at best. I guess a lot of people disagree with his palate as the stall was crowded within seconds of its opening. I was in the mood to try the in house dishes and opted for some Nasi Goreng Special while my partner had their run of the mill fries. My dish took its sweet time getting onto the table and it was unremarkable in any way. Just the usual suspects of ingredients in one plate with a dry taste.

** Current status – Has been closed (as of July 2019) 

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