Burger Bakar HS Version 2.0 (KK FoodieVenture #53)

So now let us take a look at eateries that are not exactly within the immediate proximity to our hotel in KK. One of the places that we’ve been to before (see my previous post for the review – and consider this review an update) and somewhat missed their food was this grilled burger joint. It was quite unfortunate that they did not managed to stay at Fatt Kee Seafood Restaurant and had since moved away. So it was a blessing in disguised when I visited my relatives at Habiba Suites on top of Bukit Bendera (Signal Hill) and spotted them within the premises. It was actually their original location before they decided to move downtown last 2 years. And we were glad that the place had gone some renovation and there were now more comfortable spaces for patrons to sit and enjoy the lovely view of KK.

Like before, we both decided to try out their Beef Grilled Burger which was as yummy as we’d remembered them. The patty was still pretty juicy and the sauce was just nice, since I personally do not like sauces that overwhelmed the main ingredient. It was just unfortunate that they do not have any chicken patty available during our visit though.

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