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Finally we can go back to my original programming of tasting and hunting the best food available in this not-too-big of a city called Tawau. And first up after my whole KK food hunting episodes is this place situated at Fajar Complex. The eatery has been around for years, dating back from when I was still in primary school (and I’m not kidding). When they first opened, they were actually located across the street to their current place (now an Adidas store). The big boss must have been very fond of their blue-ish, fast food like joint décor, as he’d retained the exact same décor even when they’d moved to a new location.

Originally, me and my partner were thinking of having our brunch at a different place but since the intended place was closed for the day, we decided to go into one of the places that are actually quite near to the latter. I have been to this eatery for sometime now and was a bit surprise to find out that it is now a non-fast food joint. Meaning, a majority of their food centres on local Chinese dishes rather than a fusion of both in the past. But since we were already sitting there, we might as well try out their food, particularly their pre-cooked dishes which had been prettily displayed right before us. We took a couple of lauk together with some rice and all we can say it, it was pretty inconsistent. For example, we both really like the tangy deep fried fish fillet. Their fried spring rolls were also pretty crispy and tasty but other than that everything else were bland. Like no-salt-at-all bland even though it might looked delicious.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of Feb 2016) 

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