Lush Bar & Lounge (KK FoodieVenture #55)

To end our trip to KK and to celebrate the coming of a new year, me and my partner decided to go all out and splurge a bit for our final night there. We ended up walking around the KK Waterfront area (at the high end side of the eateries overlooking the seaside called Anjung Samudra – and yes, I just found out the name via Google) and after some ‘thoughtful walking’ we choose this Lush Bar & Lounge. Now what exactly attracted us to this place you ask? Well, I don’t know to be honest. Each and every one of the eateries on that area looked equally pricey so we just randomly sit down at an empty table and crossed our fingers. It’s somewhat in the middle of the single row eateries and they do have a separate floor for hardcore dance fanatics (on the first floor) and more subdue relaxed customers downstairs.

I admit that I’m always curious about food on such establishment, particularly since the place was geared more towards the party crowd rather than the laid-back ones like us. So we decided to try out their Thai Basil Chicken with Rice (err… my partner was definitely not impressed, the chicken chucks were too small for his liking), Lush Fried Rice (tasted so-so unfortunately) and for dessert we shared their Chocolate Lava Cake (which unfortunately turned out to be a chocolate cake minus the lava part but taste wise was the better one among all items). And I was a bit amused when my partner pretty much swore at their pricing when he finally got the bill (you could probably guess why though – I did mention that the establishment was on the pricey side of the waterfront right?).

(*Side note - Sorry for the barely visible pictures though as the place was darkly lit and no thanks to my crappy, low grade smartphone as well) 

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